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Cheerful Madness!! Art, cartoons, merchandise, books, animation, comics...

All roads lead to Cheerful Madness!!

Cheerful Madness Creations
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In no particular order, I am an artist, an animator and an author.

My artwork also adorns various products and merchandise online:
T-shirts and also cards, posters & prints, greeting cards, mugs & drinkware, custom postage, aprons, bags, bumper stickers, hats, keychains, magnets, mousepads, photo sculptures, postcards, round stickers, ties, calendars, photosculptures, shoes...

In association with Zazzle.com

Anybody is welcome to join, to comment and make suggestions or requests. If there is something you want to see depicted or made available, please say
This community is moderated to prevent spamming of any kind.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

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